Tuesday, April 20, 2004

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Forget TV -- listen to the rado

My debut on international TV experienced some technical difficulties -- so it's back to the radio for me!

I'll be on the hot seat on KERA's Glenn Mitchell Show from 1:00PM to 2:00 PM Central time on the subject of tawdry and unsubstantiated rumors involving Salma Hayek's infatuation with danieldrezner.com offshore outsourcing.

You can listen into the broadcast by clicking here. We'll see if I can simultaneously blog about the experience as well.

UPDATE: So far, so good -- no belching on air yet.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I love doing call-in shows with access to the Internet -- make me sound like I've memorized a lot more information than I actually have.

FINAL UPDATE: That was most enjoyable. Lots of great questions, and all of them civil and well-reasoned.

posted by Dan on 04.20.04 at 10:40 AM


Thank you for foray into Texas radio.

It appears to me that a small but vocal group of programmers have been responsible for the elevation of the outsourcing debate into Lou Dobb's favorite topic. This legitimization by Dobbs has emboldened the Dems to bash Bush. It seems to be a non issue.

posted by: tom hooper on 04.20.04 at 10:40 AM [permalink]

Dan; A side note, and perhaps slightly OT;

ANOTHER UPDATE: I love doing call-in shows with access to the Internet -- make me sound like I've memorizeda lot more information than I actually have.

Ain't THAT the truth!!!

I have found myself relying more and more on search engines and my understanding of their inner workings in my day to day technodweeb existance, both for my job and in supporting my blog. It's beocome something of amazement to me the degree to which I've gotten tied to them.

Long before we had the 'net, my Dad used to tell me 'it's not what you know, but knowing where you can look it up.' I think he'd be shocked to see the way that statement is more true now than when he said it.

Other than direct sales on the web, I wonder how much pre-sales research is being done on the web via such searches, and is thathaving a good or bad effect on our economy as a whole?

posted by: Bithead on 04.20.04 at 10:40 AM [permalink]


In my business -- employee benefits -- you'd be shocked by the pension plan info that is available online, and how that info is used to target mailings, cold calls and the marketing of targeted ideas.

posted by: Appalled Moderate on 04.20.04 at 10:40 AM [permalink]

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