Thursday, April 22, 2004

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My network news debut -- mark two

My media whoring continues. Tune in to NBC Nightly News tomorrow (Friday) to see me on network television. Again, possibility this will fall through.

[More on outsourcing, huh?--ed. Nope -- this appearance has nothing to do with outsourcing. You're gonna have to watch to find out.]

UPDATE: Well, they apparently used it (What, you didn't see it? Don't give us that false modesty BS!--ed. No, I haven't seen it because I'm in Hamburg, Germany for a conference).

And to answer a commenter question, yes, they found me via the blog. An NBC researcher told me as much.

I can actually make a valid claim to expertise here, since I've read all the collections and been reading the strip on and off since 1980.

posted by Dan on 04.22.04 at 02:48 PM


An honest query -- would you get the big media attention without the weblog?

I would guess not. While the articles, such as the Foreign Affairs article, burnish your credibility as an expert, my guess is that the media guys are finding you here...

posted by: Appalled Moderate on 04.22.04 at 02:48 PM [permalink]

Hey, I bet /I/ know....

He's taking over Browkaw's old job, right, Dan?


posted by: Bithead on 04.22.04 at 02:48 PM [permalink]

The big question is when will Drezner finally give up this whole academic racket and start providing nonstop Salma coverage for E!

posted by: Independent George on 04.22.04 at 02:48 PM [permalink]

who is ed. ? Dan's alter-ego, wife, buddy ?

posted by: ch2 on 04.22.04 at 02:48 PM [permalink]

C'mon, Dan, we don't get NBC down here in Brazil!

posted by: Cisco on 04.22.04 at 02:48 PM [permalink]

I think I know why NBC wishes to interview Dan Drezner. It’s about that chicken! He was photographed at a Wal-Mart grocery in a most awkward manner. Truly, a love most fowl.

posted by: David Thomson on 04.22.04 at 02:48 PM [permalink]

Brian Williams seems like a jackass.

posted by: Carleton on 04.22.04 at 02:48 PM [permalink]

Somehow, you don't seem to be as much of a geek as so you profess. Why Doonesbury?

posted by: Carleton on 04.22.04 at 02:48 PM [permalink]

Dan didn’t quite get his fifteen minutes of fame. Oh well, fifteen seconds is better than nothing. I don’t get the so-called controversy over Doonesbury. What’s the big deal? The Iraq war is a horrible thing. We should take a serious look at the consequences. Am I turning against the war? Nope, not in the least. If we believe the war is justified, however, then we must not ignore the horrible costs some of our fellow citizens must pay.

posted by: David Thomson on 04.22.04 at 02:48 PM [permalink]

Iraq is a war? I thought we won the battle? Now we are just setting in motion the rape of the loot by the big US companies"Rebuilding" Tune into sanity FM many more will die but they chose to be there. Cowboyup soldier and you have my prayer that you make it home alive.

posted by: Fritz on 04.22.04 at 02:48 PM [permalink]

Doonesbury? What a disappointment.

posted by: Han on 04.22.04 at 02:48 PM [permalink]

If you started reading Doonesbury in the '80s you have missed that trudeau is stuck in the '70s.

posted by: Lee on 04.22.04 at 02:48 PM [permalink]

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