Wednesday, May 5, 2004

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Behold my mighty marginal influence

John Hawkins of Right Wing News has used Alexa to compile a list of "The Top 125 Political Websites On The Net." John Hinderaker estimates there are 35 blogs on the list.

Yours truly is there at #119, but I suspect that if the various blogs that reside at Blogspot were disaggregated, I'd fall off that list pretty fast.

Until then, I'll just use my lofty perch to advance the forces of good -- or try to get a BMW. I haven't made my mind up yet on this one.

posted by Dan on 05.05.04 at 04:53 PM


Daniel Drezner really doesn’t want a BMW. This would result in his getting too much sex. It would likely bring down Dan’s IQ by at least 50 points. We brilliant people will only drive a 1994 Ford Taurus.

posted by: David Thomson on 05.05.04 at 04:53 PM [permalink]

Mr. Drezner looks like a BMW driver. Take the M3 while you're still young.

posted by: Peter on 05.05.04 at 04:53 PM [permalink]

Someone should scrape this screen and determine a in-group/out-group index. For instance, volokh is #8 in the ecosystem, but only 22 in traffic. For the out-group, How Appealing is #8645 in the ecosystem, but 40th in traffic.

posted by: The Lonewacko Blog on 05.05.04 at 04:53 PM [permalink]

Evil always triumphs anyway. Carpe diem- go for the BMW. ;)

posted by: Steve LaBonne on 05.05.04 at 04:53 PM [permalink]

Blogspot blogs didn't make the list again?
I'm gonna hve to have a serious chat with John, I think.

posted by: Bithead on 05.05.04 at 04:53 PM [permalink]

Well what the hell do you expect, Dan?! Why aren't you busy pandering to the 'abuse' scandal.

Just look at your post-count: How are all the angry 'buzz-flashers' suppossed to type informed commentary on the Bureau of Labor - let alone the fall line-up at Bavarian Motor Werks.

Doubtless they're busy elsewhere, "getting their scream on."

posted by: Tommy G on 05.05.04 at 04:53 PM [permalink]

Dan if you buy BMW then I cannot believe your comments on economics :-))
Seriously though, the European carmakers have relegated reliability to lastplace.

posted by: Cynic on 05.05.04 at 04:53 PM [permalink]

MAYBE if you go for the Audi... But not the Beemer.

posted by: kluless on 05.05.04 at 04:53 PM [permalink]

greed is good. go for the BMW. have your cake and eat it too!

posted by: bruce on 05.05.04 at 04:53 PM [permalink]

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