Wednesday, June 2, 2004

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I'm typing this in DC -- here for a board meeting of the Center for Global Development's Ranking the Rich program.

Trips like this used to mean that blogging was out - but not any longer. I'm the proud new owner of a Dell Latitude X300 with wifi capabilities. So, I'm typing this post out at the Starbucks on DuPont Circle [Which Starbucks at DuPont Circle?--ed. The one next door to KramerBooks.]

My reaction to this is pretty much identical to my reaction when I installed Blacklist -- it's awesome, baby!!

Thanks to one Jacob Levy for helping me figure out the whole wi-fi deal.

posted by Dan on 06.02.04 at 05:09 PM


It can get even better - I have both a Powerbook 12inch, and a wireless in my PC desktop - AND in addition, I have three neighbors who have open access wireless routers - suffice to say, I haven't paid for an high-speed internet connection for a year!

posted by: JC on 06.02.04 at 05:09 PM [permalink]

Gone are the days when one could leave the little wifi at home eh? Ooh, sexist! Sorry Dan, I have just finished a draining piece of writing and needed to do a bit of light trolling. Won't happen again.

posted by: Dave F on 06.02.04 at 05:09 PM [permalink]

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