Thursday, June 17, 2004

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Suggest a guest-blogger for!!

Josh Marshall is taking a vacation, but not before dropping a coy reference to a journalistic venture "that I and several colleagues have been working on a story that, if and when it comes to fruition --- and I’m confident it shall --- should shuffle the tectonic plates under that capital city where I normally hang my hat."

More intriguingly, Marshall will be having a guest blogger at Talking Points Memo [UPDATE: Marshall made a fine choice in TNR's Spencer Ackerman.] Which got me to thinking that even though I often fill in as a guest-blogger for the Higher Beings of the Blogosphere, I haven't had a guest blogger here at -- with the singular and laudatory exception of my wife.

Due to some impending events that will become public in due course, I may need the services of a guest-blogger or two in the coming months. I've thought on occasion about who could be able to fulfill my mandate of "politics, economics, globalization, academia, pop culture... all from an untenured perspective"? All too often I draw a blank.

Sooooo..... readers are hereby invited to submit suggestions -- from the blogosphere or the scholarly community -- as possible short-term substitutes (for those shy academics in the audience who are interested but would rather not post that fact on the blog, contact me directly).

posted by Dan on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM


How 'bout that aussie bloke? As the girlfriend says to the father in "Moonstruck," he knows everything.

posted by: Sissy Willis on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

Levy turn you down or is he tenured?

posted by: elliottg on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

No, not Levy. You need somebody from Northwestern, so all the UofC Alums can make fun of him.

posted by: Independent George on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

Or, better yet, you could have the Oxbloggers guest for you, so they could have another publication on their cv...

posted by: Independent George on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

Jacob can post whenever he wants to on a blog that has roughly double my traffic.

So that's an important qualifier for the suggestion box -- suggested guests have to have an incentive to post. Bloggers with hit counts greater than mine do not fall into that category.

posted by: Dan Drezner on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

Why not somebody from the comment boards like oldman?

posted by: Mark Buehner on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

I was just about to suggest Oldman myself (although I do tend to find his comments better reading than his blog posts).

posted by: fling93 on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

What about one of the high school kids from I heard one of them will be working on The Hill this summer...

posted by: Bill Sweeps on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

Oldman is good. I'm not sure about the incentive question for Levy since many "stars" like smaller projects or venues as a change in routine. One criteria is a willingness to post at least daily. That might disqualify some.

posted by: elliottg on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

Charles Johnson. It'll push your blog's google rating into the stratosphere (and send the content of its users posts into the sewer... such is the price of success my friend...).

posted by: Brad Reed on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

Can you get Milton Friedman or Gary Becker to do it?

posted by: Mark Hoffman on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

Well, Dan, the first rule is to avoid considering anyone who posts over a cybernym. Such people are collectively a menace and should not be encouraged.

I have two suggestions, in no particular order of preference:

1. The Knowledge Guest. Lynne Kiesling already has an excellent but underexposed blog (, which is mostly about economic subjects but also about wine, movies and some other things. She teaches at Northwestern which would keep things local for you if that's important.

2. Will Vehrs, who used to co-host the QuasiPundit site and do its weekly Pundit Watch review of the weekend political talk shows, might be available. His political orientation is similar to yours and he writes well. Also, like Kiesling, he has a William & Mary connection, though unaccountably some people regard this as less important than I do.

posted by: Zathras on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

DUDE, you're in Chicago! Isn't it obvious? Your little blogger brother should guest host. Family works for Mayor Daley/Mayor Daley, the Illinois Speaker/Attorney General, Rep./Assistant Professor Lipinski. Not to mention Bush/Bush, Gandhi/Gandhi/Nehru/Nehru and perhaps one day Egypt's Mubarak/Mubarak or Clinton/Clinton...?

posted by: TommyG on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

How about someone who's dead?
Doesn't stop 'em from voting, why should it stop 'em from Blogging?

Of course, then, they'd be Democrats, huh?

posted by: Bithead on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

Can you get Milton Friedman or Gary Becker to do it?

I'm going to go way out on a limb and guess that they're not untenured.

posted by: Al on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

Jeff Goldstein from Protein Wisdom.

posted by: Silicon Valley Jim on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

I'm down with the Oldman under the condition that the Oldman be disallowed from referring to himself as the Oldman in any of his entries.

posted by: Steve in Houston on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

Martha Stewart.

(wait... what kind of "economics" again?)

posted by: wishIwuz2 on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

How about tapping the ranks of the non-blog thinker? The form can't be that hard to master. I'd love to see what Danielle Allen would do with the forum. If that fails you could always suck up with a petition to John Brehm or maybe Don Randel? Following on the school pride theme do you think Obama is too busy?

posted by: Jason on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

How about one of your former students, Will Baude, from Crescat Sententia?

posted by: Hei Lun Chan on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

I second Zathras regarding Will Vehrs. Sharp mind; good writing; I've missed him ever since he suspended Pundit Watch when the world got serious.

posted by: old maltese on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

He's not an academic, but you could do worse than asking Sebastian Holsclaw, a somewhat itinerant blogger and frequent commenter on a number of sites (including this one, I believe) who is a pretty moderate and thoughtful conservative.

posted by: Crank on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

Yeah, Sebastian's good, too.

posted by: fling93 on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

First, let me be the first to say Congrats on your acceptance of the Democratic VP nomination (what other thing could take you away from the blog for months on end)

Second, let me put forward that you find some complete novice to do your blog. Dredge up some former collegue who has no idea what a blog is, and see what they do with it. Should be interesting at the least.

posted by: Rich on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

i don't suppose you could get invisible adjunct? that would be kind of nice.

posted by: jb on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

While I occasionally find Holsclaw's writings interesting, I don't know that I'd describe him as "moderate".

I concur with the nomination of Oldman, although it'd probably be a good idea to /ask/ him if he's interested before we all chorus assent any further on this. :>

posted by: Catsy on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

Jeanne at Body and Soul would be a nice change of pace. She is a great writer and her views and perspective would be a change of pace for many in your audience while maintaining a quality consistent with your efforts.

posted by: joejoejoe on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

Courtney Love just canceled her tour, so she'd be available.

posted by: Tom T. on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

Unlearned Hand is literate and fun. His bio:

"I am currently a rising 3L at the University of Virginia School of Law. I graduated from Harvard College in June 2002, with a degree in government. At the end of my freshman year I joined the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), and in July 2002, received my commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army. Fortunate enough to earn an educational delay to attend law school, upon graduation I will begin service as an officer in the Judge Advocate General's Corps."

His views on the torture scandal are some of the most original and insightful I have seen.

posted by: joejoejoe on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

Danielle Allen is a good suggestion. I would also suggest Richard Posner. Sure he's probably busy, but that has never stopped him from writing before.

posted by: Paul on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

Well, he's a lawyer, not an economist, and more hawkish on the war than Dan is, but I like his blog, he doesn't get much attention, and he is untenured, so I'll suggest the Baseball Crank (

BTW, I'm probably the only one who'd suggest David Thomson for comedic effect, right?

posted by: Devin McCullen on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

I vote for Danielle Allen or Martha Nussbaum. A little classical/philosophical background would do everyone some good.

posted by: Jodi Haraldson on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

How about Pejman?

posted by: DBL on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

Salim Yaqub from U of C's History Department would offer some specialized, fair-minded expertise (from an untenured perspective) on the Middle East and US foreign policy. He's one of the most popular teachers around and has several recent major publications.

posted by: ps on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

While I thank those who have suggested myself I don't think that's being entirely fair to Dan. I've been very critical of Dan's positions on a variety of issues. I like Dan a great deal and his writing as well or I wouldn't bother to read and comment here, but I think that Dan deserves more of a kindred spirit to publish views on what is afterall a vehicle for his creative work.

posted by: Oldman on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

If you are thinking of the Oxbloggers, don't allow them all to foul the mothership at the same time. My thought is to make each of them write an essay entitled "Why I Should Guest Blog for Daniel Drezner" and post the results so that the visitors can chose the one overachieving bastard that best represents the ethos of the site: high-minded discussions of politics, economics, academia, and gratitious references to hollywood starlets. Remember Dan, they've been coasting on their talent and intelligence for too's time to make 'em earn it.

posted by: Harold on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

Juan Cole, anyone?

posted by: Dylan Matthews on 06.17.04 at 11:46 AM [permalink]

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