Monday, August 2, 2004

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Pamela Anderson, novelist


Pamela Anderson is the sort-of author of a forthcoming novel, Star, loosely based on her own climb up the celebrity foodchain. She discusses the book in an interview with Entertainment Weekly's Rebecca Ascher-Walsh. Here are the parts that appeared in the print version of the magazine:

EW: You cowrote ''Star'' with Eric Quinn, a ghostwriter. I've never heard of a ghostwriter on a novel.

PA: Well, there are things I don’t really know about, like sentence structure, a beginning, a middle, and an end. All those hard things....

EW: Why a novel?

PA: I'd been asked to do an autobiography so many times but I thought, That's so boring, unless I'm an old lady with gray hair and my cats. But Simon & Schuster said they'd do anything -- children's books, a vegetarian cookbook... And I said, ''What about fiction?'' And they said, ''What about a roman à clef?'' And I'm like, ''Who's that?''

EW: Do you feel more exposed as a writer than as an actor?

PA: I don't think I can expose myself more than I already have to the world!

Lest one think that Miss Anderson is the personification of a dumb blonde, read her longer interview with editor Daphne Durham. She's probably not going to be applying for Mensa membership anytime soon, but the contrast between the two interviews does reveal Miss Anderson's savviness at image manipulation and a healthy willingness to poke fun at herself.

And who knows, Star might actually be the perfect book for an August vacation. In an editorial review, Durham praised the book as, "funny, sexy, and utterly compelling--a must read for chick lit fans."

The staff at -- which possesses an enduring faith in the resilience of American celebrities -- wishes Miss Anderson the best of luck in her writing career!

[So Star is going to be one of August's books of the month?--ed. Tempting, but no.]

posted by Dan on 08.02.04 at 11:42 AM


It was good of Dan to appreciate how, in the case of some authors, it's important that we be able to see the glow of intelligence and discernment that lights their eyes. Wssn't it Wittgenstein who said that the best representation of the intellect is the human body? Or something like that. (I'm sure that when Ms. Anderson demurs as to her own contribution to this enterprise, she's only being modest, as she has throughout her storied career.)

posted by: Edified on 08.02.04 at 11:42 AM [permalink]

She's not an American celebrity; she's Canadian. And I'd say she is a smart blonde...

posted by: JimK on 08.02.04 at 11:42 AM [permalink]

JimK: Au contraire -- she became a U.S. citizen earlier this year.

posted by: Dan Drezner on 08.02.04 at 11:42 AM [permalink]

Ah...Canada's best and brightest always immigrate to the States.

posted by: Patrick on 08.02.04 at 11:42 AM [permalink]

pam is a disgrace.

posted by: milhouse on 08.02.04 at 11:42 AM [permalink]

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