Thursday, August 5, 2004

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The grass is always greener...

Beyond the hideous pressures of trying to look chic, I've always said that being a professor at a quality academic institution is a fantastic day job if you can get it. Of course, Zach Braff -- star of Scrubs, director of Garden State, and newbie blogger -- reminds me that there are better jobs out there:

Today was the second day of Scrubs. I shot my first scene with Heather Graham. Without giving anything away, it involved me being sopping wet and close to naked. Sort of an odd way to meet someone and get to know them. But that's what makes Scrubs fun, everyday I show up I have no idea what kind of bizarre thing is gonna happen. Tomorrow we're blowing up a car. Now that's a good day job.

Blowing things up, hanging around with Heather Graham...:


Sniff. [No one, I repeat, no one feels sorry for you--ed.] Oh, did I forget to mention that Braff has had to work in close proximity with Sarah Chalke, Tara Reid, and Natalie Portman as well? And the fact that MSN Entertainment's Kat Giantis reports there are indications that Braff is now dating Natalie Portman? [OK, so no one feels sorry for him either--ed.]

posted by Dan on 08.05.04 at 05:04 PM


If the Right Honorable Mr. Drez wants to quit his job and pursue a career under the glittering lights of Hollywood, I'll be happy to take his place.

What's he do again? Teach? Yeah, I can do that. I mean, how hard can it be? You just have to stay one lesson ahead of the kids, right?


posted by: Jeff Harrell on 08.05.04 at 05:04 PM [permalink]

Jeff, back in the days when I was a University of Chicago undergrad we had fun keeping our professors on their toes. Several years later I talked to a former U of C econ instructor and he told me that he enjoyed the challenge. Thus, I suppose that, with the right attitude, being a U of C prof would be a fun, but challenging, job.

Appearing nearly naked with Heather Graham would have its own challenges. Although I already feel very self-confident, not to say proud, of my body, I would need to feel down right cocky to appear nearly naked in a film with her. Of course if I had the opportunity, and were being paid handsomely for it to boot, then I would have no problem in spending the requisite amount of time at the gym in order to achive that cocky body image.

posted by: Average Joe on 08.05.04 at 05:04 PM [permalink]

We're talking nearly naked, though, right? No actual dangling modifiers, if you know what I mean? 'Cause I don't think I have anything to be ashamed of, but having Heather Graham giggle at my wingding would be just about enough to put me in a cataleptic coma.

posted by: Jeff Harrell on 08.05.04 at 05:04 PM [permalink]

Dan, you've gotta start adding ratings next to your pin-up links. Some of us are at the office.

posted by: wishIwuz2 on 08.05.04 at 05:04 PM [permalink]

Damn him, damn him to hell!

posted by: Jor on 08.05.04 at 05:04 PM [permalink]

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