Sunday, August 8, 2004

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Outsourcing's Human Face

Hi everyone. I'm looking forward to trading ideas this week while Dan takes a well-deserved break. We must all respect a man who, however unwisely, has put his blog where his mouth is and outsourced it. One or two readers have complained that we're not actually located in Bangalore, something we'll try and rectify in the future. If we had done this next week, I could have blogged while on vacation in Asia, which with time difference would have allowed the blog to run 24/7, demonstrating how outsourcing can release the full potential of American capitalism (to say nothing of web-based opinion journalism). And don't worry too much about our willingness to blog for no wages--so is Drezner.

If you've read our bios, there will be no prizes for guessing who the straight man is this week. So, rather than asking Reihan, "Who's on first?", let me jump in with a news item...

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Any chance we can use this opportunity to bring back a meme that lived and died a bit too quickly:

It's "offshoring" and not "outsourcing"!

Technically, I "outsource" whenever I go to the supermarket (I didn't grow the food myself) or buy underwear (I didn't weave the fabric myself), or have my home cleaned (I'm not shipping my apartment to India)...etc., etc., etc.

(Of course, in this case Daniel has both "outsourced" and "offshored," but that's not the point.)

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I'm late to this website. What news item did the author 'jump in with'?

posted by: Jon Koppenhoefer on 08.08.04 at 12:55 PM [permalink]

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