Wednesday, November 24, 2004

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What I'm thankful for this year... and next year... pretty much every year



[What about me? What about the blog? You're thankful for that too, right?--ed. Absolutely. Alas, the one "action" shot of me blogging does not successfully convey that sentiment.]


posted by Dan on 11.24.04 at 11:05 PM


Hey, that's a Stanford chair! :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

posted by: Moonhawk on 11.24.04 at 11:05 PM [permalink]

Congratulations! I've always assumed that you had less hair than that ...

HT, Jarrett

posted by: Jarrett on 11.24.04 at 11:05 PM [permalink]

As we all know, (who know anything), it's the
beagle that runs the whole household shebang...
Beagles Rule!!!

posted by: James on 11.24.04 at 11:05 PM [permalink]

Action shot? Does that mean there's an action figure in the works? "Dan Drezner now with super Blogging action"? That would be totally sweet.

posted by: Jim Dandy on 11.24.04 at 11:05 PM [permalink]

Happy Thanksgiving all!

posted by: Jim Dandy on 11.24.04 at 11:05 PM [permalink]

Prof. Drezner:

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! What a beautiful family you have.

All the best.

PS I'm anxiosly awaiting the release of the Dan Drezner action bobble head doll, too!

posted by: Craig on 11.24.04 at 11:05 PM [permalink]

happy thanksgiving, Dan! you look really different than what I thought. although, on reflection, I don't think my mental category "what Dan Drezner looks like" was really all that robust before. hmm. still, waay different. and, um, better.;p

posted by: belle waring on 11.24.04 at 11:05 PM [permalink]

Happy belated Thanksgiving to you too, Dan. Looks like you're striking the pose of The Thinker.

posted by: Zach on 11.24.04 at 11:05 PM [permalink]

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