Tuesday, January 4, 2005

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Today's tempting trailer

I've blogged before about the seductive temptations of good movie trailers. Every once in a while they pan out in the form of a great film -- The Triplets of Belleville, for example -- but all too often their promise doesn't translate into a great film.

Still trailers should be appreciated on their own terms, and the one that I confess to clicking on a fair number of times in recent days is Sin City. Click here to see the trailer. Based on the great Frank Miller's comic books and directed by Robert Rodriguez, the entire aesthetic of the trailer looks way cool -- in a way that Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow did not.

The movie comes out in April -- so we'll see.

posted by Dan on 01.04.05 at 03:29 PM


I don't know about Sin City. I enjoyed the first Miller Sin City series, but the later ones were weaker. Miller's RoboCop movies were awful too.

posted by: erg on 01.04.05 at 03:29 PM [permalink]

Don't get me started on George Lucas again....

posted by: Ugh on 01.04.05 at 03:29 PM [permalink]

Coming out in April. Not a good sign. That's the dumping ground for overcooked turkeys.

posted by: Ted Craig on 01.04.05 at 03:29 PM [permalink]

Dark, B&W, crazy angles and characters. Has Burton ever done an 'R' flick? Poor bastard.

posted by: wishIwuz2 on 01.04.05 at 03:29 PM [permalink]

Unfortionately since it has too much black and white, it'l be released in arthouse cinemas.
I hope at some point they do a version of Frank Millers 'Hard Boiled' for screen.

(Actually after a bit of searching for a link, apparantly they are going to make a film of it, I hope they don't screw it up)

posted by: Factory on 01.04.05 at 03:29 PM [permalink]

I have a family member that worked on Sin City. They used the books as the screenplay/storyboard and shot it digitally. Much of it was greenscreened, but not as extensively as Sky Captain.

"Coming out in April. Not a good sign."

April was chosen to get out of the way of the Star Wars juggernaut and some other "genre" films in the summer.

posted by: ech on 01.04.05 at 03:29 PM [permalink]

So, given that the trailer is something of an art in itself, and that with a young daughter I rarely get to actually go see the movies in question, what are the best trailers ever?

Two nominees:

1. Cliffhanger, the Sylvester Stallone movie. Thrilling trailer, with no spoken words, just classical music (was it Carmina Burana?) and gripping camerawork. (Note: This crappy movie, oddly enough, also has another distinction -- one of the most thrilling, edge-of-your seat opening sequences ever filmed. You might consider turning off the DVD player after that sequence, and just pretending that WAS the movie.)

2. Godzilla. Long sequence (longer that the actual sequence in the movie) of old man going down to dock to catch fish. You have no idea what is coming until the water starts to bulge upwards ...

I'd love to hear any other nominations.

- Alaska Jack

posted by: Alaska Jack on 01.04.05 at 03:29 PM [permalink]

I have a 6 minute promo trailer of Sin City released at Comic Con. If you want to take a look at it either email me or come on over to my blog and leave a comment in my posting on Sin City.

posted by: Joshua on 01.04.05 at 03:29 PM [permalink]

Hmmm...I'm suspicious. I watch the trailer and yeah it looks neato but then I can't help thinking of "Dick Tracy" which looked kinda nifty too, but was a pretty lousy movie. Generally I'm pretty wary of film adaptations of comics, especially when they seem overly beholden to the visual language of the source material. Generally it makes for an especially glib and shallow film--all heat and flash--which is all one can really expect from Robert Rodriguez anyway. Finally there's the Mickey Rourke factor. Any movie with him in it is bound to stink. Why should "Sin City" be any different?

posted by: Joel on 01.04.05 at 03:29 PM [permalink]

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