Thursday, January 27, 2005

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Parents, be sure to add this to your cross-country trip!!

The Economist reports on a proposed new museum in the state of Nevada:

Nevada is the only state in the union where brothels are legal, but prostitution is by no means a hallowed trade. Brothels are usually seedy affairs, tucked discreetly away from churches, town halls and the like (or so somebody we met in a bar once told us). But Lance Gilman, who owns both the Wild Horse bordello and the trademark for the Mustang Ranch, is building a sex village—complete with museum and souvenir shop.

George Flint, head of the Nevada Brothel Association, insists that a trip to the Mustang Ranch could be “just as important as driving to Mount Rushmore”. The businesslike Mr Gilman insists that a house of ill repute is nothing of the kind. Brothels are part of Nevada's history, and nowadays they are respectable businesses....

Mr Gilman is building his Mustang Ranch Village on the plot next to the Wild Horse. The driveway to the village is neatly lined with saplings and, at the end of the road, a row of foreign flags greets visitors as if they are arriving at an international institution. The museum will include a portrait of the legendary Mr Conforte [a previous owner of the Mustang Ranch] and a circular bed with a mirrored headboard from the original Mustang Ranch. Souvenirs will range from the usual T-shirts (boasting about the Mustang's “res-erection”) to more exotic oils and toys. Because Mr Gilman's girls are experts in long-lasting “make-up that doesn't run”, a Mustang Ranch cosmetics line will also be on sale. (emphasis added)

posted by Dan on 01.27.05 at 06:02 PM


There was a non-spam discussion board about brothels in Nevada and Mexico, but I can't find it and I'm not going to bother doing an exhaustive search. Here's a runner-up.

The descriptions weren't exactly appetizing: pay hundreds of dollars for a retired Vegas stripper, ring twice if you're a cabbie with a john, etc. etc.

Better to just hire Ross Jeffries for a private lesson and head on over to UNLV. Easier too.

posted by: The Lonewacko Blog on 01.27.05 at 06:02 PM [permalink]

The reference to "Ross Jeffries" is illustrated at the end of this post and further explicated here.

posted by: The Lonewacko Blog on 01.27.05 at 06:02 PM [permalink]

Interesting counterpart to Nicholas Kristof's recent series of NYT Op-Eds about prostitution in Southeast Asia. Of course, prostitution in this country is completely different.

posted by: Zathras on 01.27.05 at 06:02 PM [permalink]

Any male prostitutes? I sense a Title IX suit in the making.

posted by: Achillea on 01.27.05 at 06:02 PM [permalink]

Driving from Vegas to Reno on US95, one passes a few brothels.

They're double-wide manufactured homes with a flashing red light and a parking lot.

It does not inspire consumer confidence in the quality of their services, though I confess I've never been inside to look, let alone try.

posted by: Sigivald on 01.27.05 at 06:02 PM [permalink]

"My best friend went to Mustang Ranch and all I got was this t-shirt."

posted by: triticale on 01.27.05 at 06:02 PM [permalink]

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