Thursday, March 17, 2005

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I will not surrender to the dark side, I will not surrender to the dark side...

Via Ross Douthat, I see the latest trailer for Star Wars III, Revenge of the Sith is out. Last fall, I confess I found the teaser trailer to be very seductive, so I was worried about my reaction to this one.

And I'm happy to report that I mildly disagree with both Douthat and Matthew Yglesias; the trailer is OK, but the dark side has not turned me yet. There are other popcorn movie trailers out there -- like Sin City, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, or Fantastic Four -- that have grabbed more of my attention.

Take that, Emperor Lucas!!

posted by Dan on 03.17.05 at 11:44 AM


Blasphemy. The Thing looks like a piece of Claymation in that Fantastic Four clip. How any of that clip overtakes the Emperor vs. Yoda duel as hinted at in the Sith trailer is beyond me. Sin City does look promising, however.

posted by: Michael on 03.17.05 at 11:44 AM [permalink]

Sin City looks good, but Star Wars looked really good. This one looks like it could really fly, unlike the other two new ones. Hopefully the movie's a lot like the trailer - Anakin doesn't talk much, and Amidala's just there to look hot rather than talk politics. The adults are in charge again - more realistic, no fart jokes. It looks like the whole movie could be one long version of the best part of the two earlier new movies, which was unquestionably the duel at the end of the first one. Plus Samuel Jackson with lines and obligations and resposnibility in the plot. By the way, there's a site with pictures and plot descriptions that gives the whole movie away, so be careful what you read. I'm excited. Maybe with the new low expectations people have it can't help but be good.

posted by: jared on 03.17.05 at 11:44 AM [permalink]

Do *not* get your hopes up for Star Wars III. If you look at his filmography, Lucas' failures are more the rule, his success(es) the exception.

More relevant: Dan! I'm ashamed at you for missing an opportunity to analyze the political economy of Star Wars. See the fun post below...likely by a grad student who really *should* be working on her dissrtn:

(The Rebellion really a bunch of violent & wayward anarchists? The Empire an anti-bureaucratic state bent on free-trade and economic efficiency?)

posted by: jprime314 on 03.17.05 at 11:44 AM [permalink]

or Sarah Silverman's new trailor... dir=2005_trailers&id=469&speed=hi

Warning: audio is not safe for work

posted by: bg on 03.17.05 at 11:44 AM [permalink]

The advance reviews for Sin City have generally been raves. The advance buzz on the Fantastic Four script has been decidedly less enthusiastic, which is particularly disappointing given the interesting casting of the picture.

posted by: Karl on 03.17.05 at 11:44 AM [permalink]

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