Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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Racking up those blogging perks

Since I've started blogging, there is no doubt that I've received an increased number of free books. Yesterday I received three -- one on education reform, one on why Europe will run the 21st century, and galleys on why emerging democracies are more war-prone than other kinds of governments.

However, those paled beside the following e-mail:

My name is ------ and on behalf of Simon & Schuster I'm currently helping spread the word about Pamela Anderson's latest work, Star Struck. I noticed that "pop culture" was part of your weblog's repetoire and thought your site's target audience would really get a kick out of this book. Would you be interested in receiving a free copy of a Pam's book in exchange for a piece on your site? Maybe several copies for a contest?

You may want to write a review about the book, hold a book contest, write a small blurb and feature it somewhere on your site, or something along those line (if you come up with another idea, please let me know.) In return for your kindness and help, I will happily send you a copy.

I knew blogging about Anderson's first novel would pay off!! Take that, Michiko Kakutani!!

Readers are invited to think of an appropriate contest.

posted by Dan on 08.31.05 at 10:46 AM


Wow, free books. Who knew blogging could earn free anything? Good for you!

posted by: Jessica on 08.31.05 at 10:46 AM [permalink]

Oh, I've got a ton of ideas for a con...

Oh wait, an appropriate contest?

Never mind.

posted by: PaulNoonan on 08.31.05 at 10:46 AM [permalink]

We have to sumbit a top 10 list of hollywood blonds that were able to go mainstream. You choose winner by however you want.

Random cropped pictures of Pamela, and we have to guess what TV show/movie/magazine they came from.

Ask us to sumbit page 84 from her new book. Best/funiest/most acurate page gets a book.

Get Pam to guest blog!

Sumbit alternate drawing for the book jacket...

Some random fact of trivia: Guess what Pam's favorite...


posted by: Pablo on 08.31.05 at 10:46 AM [permalink]

How about one of those television tournaments for bloggers? The idea I have in mind is an ABC show that would pit bloggers against one another for a permanent spot on ABC's This Week Roundtable.

Now, I'm not suggesting anything that could be called less than tasteful, like swimsuit competitions or mud wrestling. And food fights are right out as far as I'm concerned, though by the time the network gets done with this idea anything could happen. I just think the next step for serious bloggers, as it was for newspaper columnists 20 years ago, is obviously television. Plus, This Week could use a ratings boost, and bloggers would be much cheaper to put on This Week than the people ABC uses now.

posted by: Zathras on 08.31.05 at 10:46 AM [permalink]

My submission for pg84 of Pam's book:

(book ended 47 pages ago)

posted by: Sean on 08.31.05 at 10:46 AM [permalink]

I don't know if I can take another Pamela Anderson novel. Her first novel, a tour de force of erudition and creative imagination, wove together themes from Algerian folk myth, Finnish saga, Khazaki post-punk pop culture, early Pound, and much more to tear the cover off ratiocentric heuristics and expose it for for the "fetid, moping incubus of our envisioning" that it is.

Yet far from recondite, it pierced the heart direct. I cried, I howled, I laughed, I raged, but I couldn't put it down.

It was exhausting. It was weeks before I was able to leave my apartment. I don't think I'll ever again be able to look at two college professors making love in quite the same way. And I quit my job at the bank and became a pro-bono flenser, like her anti-hero (post-hero?) Maximiilan.

I just don't know if I can go through all that again. Include me out.

posted by: herostratus on 08.31.05 at 10:46 AM [permalink]

What did you say the title of that first book was?

posted by: Excited on 08.31.05 at 10:46 AM [permalink]

Well, seeing as s.z. already did a compare and contrast analysis with O'Reilly's Those Who Trespass, I'm fresh out of ideas...

posted by: Bistroist on 08.31.05 at 10:46 AM [permalink]

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