Thursday, August 24, 2006

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The Howard Cosell of international news

I am happy to cross the partisan divide and state for the record that I am in 100% agreement with Matthew Yglesias:

I'm not sure if you guys know who Richard Quest is, but suffice it to say that based on my rather small level of watching CNN International while traveling he's far and away the most annoying television news personality on the planet.
Naturally, Quest got his own monthly interview show, ‘Quest’, in July.

And if I was the head of CNN, I'd do the same thing -- Quest's voice, mannerisms, and teeth are so.... grating that the overall effect is hypnotic. Whenever I catch him in my travels, it requires a concerted effort to change the channel.

posted by Dan on 08.24.06 at 05:54 PM


I like him. He is not a pretty person and his voice can be annoying, but overall he is likeable.

posted by: kerimcan on 08.24.06 at 05:54 PM [permalink]

I don't mind Mr Quest so long as he's reporting on dead royals, the longer dead the better. But he's a bad mix with living Hollywood. Except for the Dalai Lama.

posted by: Joel on 08.24.06 at 05:54 PM [permalink]

I live in Europe and catch the Quest all the time. Hypnotic is the perfect description. His appearance, speech, and mannerisms are so....bizarre, so comically old-style British that he seems a parody of himself. I almost expect him at any moment to tear off the face mask and reveal himself to be none other than Mr. John Cleese.

He does have a cool name though!

posted by: Pete on 08.24.06 at 05:54 PM [permalink]

I thought his first name was Benton.

posted by: Tom T. on 08.24.06 at 05:54 PM [permalink]

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