Wednesday, October 11, 2006

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I'm elsewhere in the blogosphere

If blog posts are light this week, it's for two reasons:

1) I'm trying to debug the comment spam problem (and tech-savvy readers, feel free to e-mail me advice on this one).

2) I'm blogging elsewhere.

At Open U., I'm explaining why the academy might not want to use the Moneyball approach to building a top-tier department.

At TPM Cafe, I'm participating in a book club on the Princeton Project on National Security's Forging A World of Liberty Under Law. Other contributors include David Rieff, Peter Trubowitz, and Stephen Walt

Go check them out!

posted by Dan on 10.11.06 at 01:39 PM


Well, I was going to suggest implementing a turing system, but it looks like you've already done so.

Good to see comments are back.

posted by: rosignol on 10.11.06 at 01:39 PM [permalink]

If I may suggest, you would do best to switch to WordPress. The special code isn't any harder than MT code AND they have a marvelous plug-in called Spam Karma that virtually eliminates comment spam. You can also moderate comments.

It is also GPL, so you don't have to pay no matter how many authors you might have.

The best thing I ever did was to switch!

posted by: Heather on 10.11.06 at 01:39 PM [permalink]

There's more on the Moneyball discussion at OTB and >my blog.

posted by: Chris Lawrence on 10.11.06 at 01:39 PM [permalink]

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