Wednesday, October 11, 2006

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Hey, this Jew really does control Mel Gibson

From my August 1, 2006 blog post, "Dogpiling on Mel Gibson," here's the beginning of my predicted narrative arc for Gibson:

1) Gibson repeatedly issues contrite apologies -- oh, wait, that's already happened.

2) Exiting rehab, Gibson does heartfelt interview with Diane Sawyer in which he:

a) Admits to various chemical dependencies/imbalances that affect his behavior;

b) Explains that his father's rank anti-Semitism led to psychological abuse during his childhood;

c) Cries on camera.

From ABC News, "Mel Gibson Says He Feels 'Powerless Over Everything'":
In an exclusive interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer, Mel Gibson talks about his recent D.U.I. arrest, his battle with alcoholism and his anti-Semitic remarks.

Actor Mel Gibson is speaking out for the first time about the anti-Semitic comments he made to police when they booked him for drunken driving last summer.

Gibson tells ABC News' Diane Sawyer in an exclusive interview that his anti-Semitic statements were "just the stupid rambling of a drunkard."....

[Gibson] admits that staying sober is a constant struggle.

"Even fear -- the risk of life, family is not enough to keep you from it," Gibson says. "That's the hell of it. You're indefensible against it. If your nature is to imbibe. & So you must keep that under arrest, in a sense. But you cannot do it yourself. And people can help you. But it's God. You gotta go there, you gotta do it, or you won't survive. All there is to it."

I'm not right about a lot, but I was right about J. Lo, and now Mel comes through for me as well.

All I need is for Apocalypto to tank, and my claim to be this generation's Nostradamus will be complete.

posted by Dan on 10.11.06 at 01:58 PM


Uh Dan - my five year old could have predicted that narrative arc for Gibson.

posted by: Martin on 10.11.06 at 01:58 PM [permalink]

Actually, Apocalypto looks pretty cool.

posted by: Marc on 10.11.06 at 01:58 PM [permalink]

The alchohol thing gets old.

It's not an excuse.

In vino...well, you know

posted by: epaminondas on 10.11.06 at 01:58 PM [permalink]

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