Friday, February 23, 2007

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Why not Drezner in 2008? It was a great two seconds....

So I've decided that, contrary to my earlier Shermanesque pledges forswearing elected office, I shall run for President in 2008.

Drezner in 2008!!! Drez for Prez!! DREZ FOR PREZ!!! [DREZ FOR PREZ!!!-ed.]

No, wait, I've changed my mind, I don't think I can raise the money.

Think this post is absurd? Consider this Des Moines Register story by Thomas Beaumont:

Former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack withdrew as a candidate for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination today, saying he could not raise enough money to compete with his nationally known rivals....

The Iowa polls were also a factor, he said. Vilsack said it had been difficult to tell potential donors "that you're not the prohibitive favorite in the caucus process."

I haven't seen a presidential run this brief since Jimmy James had to withdraw in 1996.

UPDATE: Will Dennis Kucinich survive this Kos assault? [Judging by this clip, I don't think Kucinich needed Kos to be sunk--ed.]

posted by Dan on 02.23.07 at 02:48 PM


Darnit, Dan, you actually got me to read a post on DailyKos. And, invariably, I found something annoying like this: "And by the way, the 'Department of Peace' already exists. It's called the 'U.S. Department of State.'"

No. No. No. Blarrrghhh! Aghft.

However, this was the origin of the United States Institute of Peace.

posted by: Daniel Nexon on 02.23.07 at 02:48 PM [permalink]

It depends on your definition of survive...will he keep running? Yes. Will he win? Well, no.

posted by: Mike M. on 02.23.07 at 02:48 PM [permalink]

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