Saturday, February 24, 2007

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The next class topic: how Woody Woodpecker promotes the Irish

This might be the most bizarre university lecture I have ever seen:

Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan.

posted by Dan on 02.24.07 at 09:36 AM


To my knowledge, "Tom and Jerry" was not created (nor was it affiliated with) Walt Disney.

posted by: Confused on 02.24.07 at 09:36 AM [permalink]

What was left out was Hitler's covert plan to have the cat recognized as a standin for Muslims.

Ah, those good old days of the 19th century, when Jews ruled Europe.

posted by: JohnF on 02.24.07 at 09:36 AM [permalink]

And, tomorrow's lecture is on the existensial meaning of the struggle of Wile E. Coyotee and Road Runner in their senseless (and violent) lives.

posted by: John Perulfi on 02.24.07 at 09:36 AM [permalink]

I can't believe the misinformation here. The Walt Disney Company didn't become part of the great Jewish conspiracy until Eisner started running it. Everyone knows that.

And the Disney people want you to *think* that Tom and Jerry was an MGM product. That way they can... oh, never mind. If there's something worse than bizarre anti-semitic ramblings, its bizarre anti-semitic ramblings that get most of the facts wrong.

On a lighter note, the current entry for the Holocaust on the conservapedia notes that "The Holocaust was the massacring of the Jewish race during World War II. The Germans are not to blame for this but the Nazi are. Besides 6 million Jews dying, 3 million Christians were killed also along with many priests and nuns. This is a very touchy subject for the Jews and is not often discussed amongst them."

posted by: Daniel Nexon on 02.24.07 at 09:36 AM [permalink]

Every idiot knows Tom and Jerry was made by Hanna Barbera and not Disney. If what the profssor here says is right, that means that Josie and the Pussy Cats, the Jetsons, Squiggly Wiggly, Huckleberry Hound, and the Animated Harlem Globetrotters are prime zionist assets. Something I've always suspected.

posted by: Jeff Kopstein on 02.24.07 at 09:36 AM [permalink]

Those students look pretty bored.

posted by: Virginia Postrel on 02.24.07 at 09:36 AM [permalink]

Actually, this isn't far from the fundamentalist Christian attacks on, well, anything. Heavy metal, dungeons & dragons, other religions, etc. It's not much different from Tinky Winky or Spongebob being gay indoctrinators.

Instead of the Jews "to blame", it's the gays, or the satanists.

posted by: Jon H on 02.24.07 at 09:36 AM [permalink]

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