Tuesday, May 1, 2007

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I'll be back in action soon

Your humble blogger has returned from Europe, and the 2007 Brussels Forum, filled to the brim with stuff to blog about (including the trade contretemps I unintentionally triggered). Alas, while the brain is willing, the body needs to recover from its jet lag... and, come to think of it, the brain has massive loads of grading to do.

So, more this PM. While you wait by your screens, however, anxiously hitting the refresh button to see if I've posted another missive, here's a question to you: any recent developments that you feel demand a blog post?

posted by Dan on 05.01.07 at 08:44 AM


Any thoughts on the Washington Post article that growth in remittances to Latin America is slowing?

Looking at the graph, it did look like growth was previously exponential and thus almost certainly unsustainable.


posted by: Greg Sanders on 05.01.07 at 08:44 AM [permalink]

Please write about how Sarkozy is the greatest threat to all non-colonized countries that the world has faced in a long time. His election would mean that all the important european powers will be firmly under the control of American foreign policy (leaving only spain, the swiss and the scandinavians as independent). It will be impossible for there to be significant dissent to the next psychotic move that the American global dictators force on the rest of the world without significant european opposition. Sarkozy is a true threat to world peace and must be stopped at all costs. He represents a "swing vote" in world affairs. With france on the American side the world is doomed, with france against the usa there is some hope (if not much). the stakes are very very high.

Also, please write about Somalia. It is a continuing disaster that is absolutely under reported. You were in total support of the ethopian and american invasion, yet you ignore the violence and suffering that it has caused. It is easy to support an invasion as an idea, but much harder when you have to recognize that it is a total disaster. Please talk about it.

posted by: Joe M. on 05.01.07 at 08:44 AM [permalink]

perhaps, your thoughts about the emerging foreign policies of the major candidates

posted by: pt on 05.01.07 at 08:44 AM [permalink]

I'd suggest taking a long look at the economic consequences of Boris Yeltsin, one of the more consequential figures of the last part of the 20th century and someone who got a quick once-over during a news cycle last week before another pair of prominent obituaries pushed his into the background.

posted by: Zathras on 05.01.07 at 08:44 AM [permalink]

Well, now that you ask, what do you think of Alvaro Vargas Llosa's essay in the new Foreign Policy? I blogged about it today, but your thoughts would be appreciated:


posted by: Donald Douglas on 05.01.07 at 08:44 AM [permalink]

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