Tuesday, May 15, 2007

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It's a small, small world

Skipping through the blogosphere, I came across this Mark Thoma post about a Commonwealth Fund story comparing health care across the world.

In an odd coincidence, today I shared a cab to Reagan National airport with the head of this club, and heard her repeat these points to a Bloomberg reporter. To her credit, she apologized profusely after finishing.

Mark also has a post about how economists think about globalization that is worth checking out.

posted by Dan on 05.15.07 at 11:52 PM


THanks for the link. Glad to have proof that Canada's system compares poorly to everywhere else except the US. While the idea that the US health care system is one of the few things that binds Canadians together (hockey is the other), the folks here tend to forget that there are other bases of comparison--and that Canada does not do well in such comparisons.

posted by: Steve Saideman on 05.15.07 at 11:52 PM [permalink]

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