Thursday, May 31, 2007

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My self-promotion cup runneth over

A few links by or about your humble blogger that I've been remiss in mentioning:

1) In the Fletcher newsletter, Timothy R. Homan profiles me, my blog, and my hatred of cellphones going of in class.

2) I gave a talk about All Politics Is Global at the German Marshall Fund a few weeks ago. Richard Salt wrote it up on GMF's blog. Click here for a brief podcast.

3) In the Chronicle of Higher Education's Chronicle Review section, I have a brief article, "The Power of the State in a Global Economy" which is a precis for All Politics Is Global. Here's how it opens:

When I began working on my latest book, I also began regularly reading a news source greatly undervalued in international relations: The Onion. The timing was serendipitous because I soon stumbled across a mock headline that crystallized one of my central themes: "Correct Theory Discarded in Favor of More Exciting Theory."
This link should be good for a few days.
Well, that should be sufficient overexposure for a few days.

posted by Dan on 05.31.07 at 10:19 PM


I was actually rather thrown off, the other day - I rarely watch ABC news unless there's a big Supreme Court case, which means at least JCG will be on. And since on that day Ledbetter was decided, I figured I'd tune in, and in the meantime they start talking about Darfur and China, and suddenly this square-jawed handsome fellowpops up talking about China being a White Knight..., and I'm thinking to myself "hmm, he's terribly familiar looking." ;)

It's quite jarring when you see people you read in the blogosphere (or watch on BHTV) suddenly pop up on TV, although I may be selling you short, you may be a regular.

posted by: Simon on 05.31.07 at 10:19 PM [permalink]

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