Friday, June 1, 2007

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A very important post about.... getting the hell away from all of you

Starting this morning, my wife and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in grand style -- going on vacation for five days and four nights to a small Caribbean isle that will remain anonymous. The children will not be accompanying us, as their grandmothers will be here to take care of them.

None of you will be coming either.

So,until my return, here's a few links that should be worthy of comment... in descending order of seriousness:

1) In the next issue of Foreign Affairs, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have articles articulating their foreign policy visions. Go check them out. I'll be particularly curious to see just how much overlap there is between them.

2) Megan McArdle reads the Social Security Trustee Reports so you don't have to -- and in the process addresses the liberal meme of "every day, in every way, Social Security is getting better and better."

3) James Pethokoukis has a nice survey of expert opinions on the extent to which the Chinese and American economies are intertwined, and what a hard landing in Beijing would mean to the United States.

4) ABC had a hard-hitting story on.... appropriate cleavage in the workplace. Best. Topic. Ever. Hat tip: Ann Althouse, who informs us, "Women know what their breasts look like in their clothes. It doesn't just happen. "Breast power" is real. We can pretend we don't know, but we do." I knew I'd been manipulated all these decades.

That is all.

posted by Dan on 06.01.07 at 07:57 AM


All the very best on your retreat from this occasional reader, and let's hope it's St. Bart's.

posted by: Robert Bell on 06.01.07 at 07:57 AM [permalink]

Oh jeez, Althouse is talking about breasts again. This can't end well.

posted by: Cain on 06.01.07 at 07:57 AM [permalink]


posted by: Klug on 06.01.07 at 07:57 AM [permalink]

McArdle does address "the liberal meme of "every day, in every way, Social Security is getting better and better." The trouble is she does a very poor job of it.

posted by: Bernard Yomtov on 06.01.07 at 07:57 AM [permalink]

Hey Dan (uh I mean Professor Drezner). I enjoyed your talk at Mershon a little while back! Congrats!!! I hope you are NOT online OR checking email while you are with your wife! I used your recernt Foreign Affairs piece for a paper for AT, can you guess who? Just be safe and well! And come back to Columbus sometime soon!

posted by: Daniel Park on 06.01.07 at 07:57 AM [permalink]

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