Wednesday, October 10, 2007

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The baseball gods apparently read this blog

Daniel Drezner, "That's right, I'm risking the wrath of the baseball gods," May 28, 2007:

The best thing that could happen to the long-term plans of the Red Sox is if Steinbrenner fires Cashman in favor of a Steinbrenner toady. At that point, I bet you that the new GM would trade Philip Hughes, Jose Tabata, and Melky Cabrera for Johan Santana.

In which case, there will be seven fat years for the Sox, and seven lean years for the Yankees.

Peter Gammons, "Yanks' issues go beyond Torre," August 9, 2007:
They are the Yankees, so two hours after their season turned to winter, there was a cellphone conversation about what could be packaged with Chien-Ming Wang to get Johan Santana, not Carlos Silva or any of the other mongrel free agents. They inquired about Santana, because they are the Yankees.
Psst... George.... package Melky Cabera and Ian Kennedy with Wang and I bet you could get him.

Do it. Pleeeease.

UPDATE: At TNR online, Alex Massie argues that the Yankees are suffering from a two-term curse:

Can it really be a coincidence that the most-storied and successful team in American sports has failed to win while George W. Bush has occupied the Oval Office? I think not. The successor to the Curse of the Bambino is George W. Bush's hex upon the Yankees.
You'll have to read Massie's essay to see the parallels -- it does kinda explain the New York Times' coverage of the Yankees and Red Sox.

posted by Dan on 10.10.07 at 07:25 PM


Needless to say, you see no irony in the NYT branching out from its customary treasonous conduct in national affairs to it treasonous sports conduct in owning part of the Red Sox.

posted by: JohnF on 10.10.07 at 07:25 PM [permalink]

I knew it! I knew GWB was behind this! It's that evil mastermind Cheney and his always hiding out in some undisclosed Star Chamber--scheming, plotting, putting words in poor dumb George's mouth. Iraq, Iran, Irate, and now the Yankees. Will we never be free of this awful scourge?

posted by: Useless Sam Grant on 10.10.07 at 07:25 PM [permalink]

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