Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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Random GOP debate thoughts

Through a clever strategy of ignoring almost all of the presidential debates to date, I have now positioned myself to be like the majority of voters who are now paying attention to the race.

So here are some idle thoughts as I listen to the GOP debate that C-SPAN is streaming live on its website:

1) A 30 second response to an answer? Gimme a f@#$ing break -- at best you can talk in vague generalities, at worst you sound like.... this person.

2) Hey, Alan Keyes is running for president again??!! Why, yes, apparently he is. Who knew?

Keyes, remember, ran against Barack Obama for the Illinois Senate seat in 2004. That went really well.

3) Maybe my expectations are low, but Romney's doing a better job than I expected. He doesn't sound "genuine," but he does sound reasonably coherent.

4) Same with Giuliani -- better than expected. I still won't vote for him, but now I can understand why he's managed to remain the titular frontrunner for much longer than bloggers predicted. Compared to a lot of the people on the stage, his demeanor is... reassuring, for lack of a better word. Part of me wonders if the Giuliani campaign is surreptitiously funding Tancredo, Paul, Hunter, and Keyes just so he can look sane by comparison.

5) Did Duncan Hunter really just bash the United States as turning into a "polyglot boarding house"???!!!

6) I believe if Ron Paul were asked how he would cure cancer, he would answer, "eliminate the inflation tax."

7) I don't know if Fred Thompson would make a great president, but he was the only one who gave an answer to any question that had any whiff of brutal candor to it. [Maybe he's just the best actor--ed. No, this was real!]

8) Man, after listening to that for more than an hour, I need a stiff drink.

UPDATE: Debate transcript here.

posted by Dan on 12.12.07 at 02:39 PM


But who will you vote for? You're not a tin-foil hat man, eh?

Disclosure: I didn't watch it. McCain was AWOL?

posted by: Americaneocon on 12.12.07 at 02:39 PM [permalink]

I didn't watch it. I have a job. In any case, they seemed by all accounts to be united in their opposition to more taxes, which is good. Romney and Huckabee were both high-tax governors, though. At least they didn't fall all over themselves gushing about how great their version of socialized medicine will be.

posted by: u on 12.12.07 at 02:39 PM [permalink]

So is Keyes running on the "I'm the candidate who can beat Obama" theme?

posted by: NoZe on 12.12.07 at 02:39 PM [permalink]

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