Friday, September 12, 2003

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A belated blogiversary to myself

A year ago this week, I started this blog. If I could discover a way to travel back in time and tell myself that this blog would:

  • Attract more than 400,000 unique visits and 500,000 page views in the first year alone;

  • Lead to regular writing gigs with The New Republic and Tech Central Station.;

  • Garner press attention from the Chronicle of Higher Education, Washington Post, Rocky Mountain News,, and the Hotline;

  • Play a microscopically small role in forcing out Trent Lott as Senate Majority Leader.

  • Get e-mails from Democratic presidential candidates (no, I'm not going to name names, because I politely declined) asking me to guest blog on their sites;

  • Slowly transform my wife's attitude about this activity from "What's a blog?" to "You're spending an awful lot of time online." to "Wow, this blog thing is working out pretty well for you!";
  • Well, I'd be rich, because I'd have invented a friggin' time machine!!

    But I also wouldn't have believed me. It's been a kick-ass year.

    On to year two!!

    UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan always sends the nicest presents -- tons of hits and a great blurb!

    And let me reciprocate David Adesnik's kind words by pointing out it's his blogiversary as well. David is a blogger of the first rank.

    I should also point out that Jacob Levy's one-year blogiversary just took place as well -- he started three days before I did. Huzzah!!

    posted by Dan on 09.12.03 at 12:20 PM


    Congratulations on a kick butt year one. I hope it only gets better!

    posted by: Greg Blankenship on 09.12.03 at 12:20 PM [permalink]

    Happy Blogiversary. You deserve all the attention.

    posted by: Steve Rauscher on 09.12.03 at 12:20 PM [permalink]

    Answer me this: who is more fortunate to have this blog? You or the world? It's a tight call, but I vote the latter.

    posted by: Robert Tagorda on 09.12.03 at 12:20 PM [permalink]

    Happy Blogiversary, Daniel. Let's hope there's many more to come (though not at the expense of journal publication ;-)).

    posted by: Matthew on 09.12.03 at 12:20 PM [permalink]

    Thanks for a great year!! You're my favorite "political theory" blogger, and an invaluable source of information. Looking forward to many more years of great posts!

    posted by: Clay Ranck on 09.12.03 at 12:20 PM [permalink]

    Happy anniversary Dan. This year we turn you into a Democrat. . .

    posted by: Andrew on 09.12.03 at 12:20 PM [permalink]

    congratulations, mr. drezner. i knew from taking american foreign policy from you in '01 (what a time to take it!) that your laser-sharp (maybe red; it'd be cool if you had laser beams in your eyes. do you?) analysis and witty style would drive well a vehicle like this. upward and onward! tenure is next!

    posted by: patrick on 09.12.03 at 12:20 PM [permalink]

    I drop in only infrequently, but I do drop in. Happy blogiversary Mr. Drezner, and many more. Thanks for all the good stuff.

    posted by: JorgXMcKie on 09.12.03 at 12:20 PM [permalink]

    Who would have thought that "the law of unintended consequences" would work out so favorably for you. I for one am appreciative and wish you the fortitude to continue for years 2 - 10...


    posted by: Tom on 09.12.03 at 12:20 PM [permalink]

    Wholehearted agreement with all felicitations.

    P.S. Write that monograph! Blog not in department meetings! Slave away at committees! Polish that apple! Block that kick! Get that tenure! The broad uplands of the Elysian Fields await your early entry. Ta-daaah.

    posted by: John Van Laer on 09.12.03 at 12:20 PM [permalink]

    Newbie! Just kidding, congratulations, keep up the good work.

    posted by: Lisa Williams on 09.12.03 at 12:20 PM [permalink]

    Congratulations on year one, enjoyed reading you and hope to see you around for many more years.

    posted by: pw on 09.12.03 at 12:20 PM [permalink]

    Just discovered you a couple of weeks ago. What have I been missing! Congrats, and here's to many more.

    posted by: Dick Thompson on 09.12.03 at 12:20 PM [permalink]

    Still looking forward to the event already in your rear view mirror. Am flowing with the peloton of your blogwake. More power to you, point man!

    posted by: Dean Jorge Bocobo on 09.12.03 at 12:20 PM [permalink]

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