Saturday, January 3, 2004

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Being Andrew Sullivan on the weekend

I'm feeling about as articulate as this guest-blogger, so no Behind the Blog entry for today.

This weekend, however, there will be an extra-special guest post.


posted by Dan on 01.03.04 at 11:56 AM


Dr. Daniel,

May be before Andrew comes back, you can predict the campaign happening.

For my money, I see Dean winning nomination easily. I also see Dean considering three people for VP spots: Sen. John Edwards (NC), Sen. Bob Graham (FL), or Rep. John Lewis (GA).

For Dean to win the general and soundly beat Bush (and get a great honeymoon) he would need a VP who is from South, has minority support, and somewhat compatible ideology.

What do you think?


posted by: Ali Karim Bey on 01.03.04 at 11:56 AM [permalink]

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