Sunday, January 25, 2004

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Give me the Drysdale!

I see I've been nominated for "Best Non-Liberal Blog" for the 2003 Koufax Awards.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't tell you good readers to vote for me [Yes, you would!--ed.] but in the interest of marital balance I'm going to ask this time. Erika writes one pithy post and gets a Bloggie nomination!! My lovely wife has been lording it over me ever since, unimpressed with the meager success I've had with prior awards.

So, even the score and vote for me!! [Is this a reason or a rant?--ed. There's a reason you don't get nominated for anything]

posted by Dan on 01.25.04 at 03:42 PM


Hey, you're actually doing pretty well Dan! You've got, ummm, about 29 votes as of 6:47 on January 25. But people have got to stop voting for that Tacitus guy............

posted by: David V on 01.25.04 at 03:42 PM [permalink]

If it's any comfort to you, Dan, you got my vote. I like Tacitus, too, but his site is, for me, a distant second. I really can't explain why he is, almost universally, the lefties's fave righty.

posted by: Mrs Tilton on 01.25.04 at 03:42 PM [permalink]

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