Monday, September 13, 2004

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This blog is two years old

Yesterday the blog celebrated its second birthday. Which means it's also the two-year blogiversary of both Jacob Levy and David Adesnik -- congrats to both of them as well. [UPDATE: Jacob is celebrating his anniversary by taking a sabbatical.]

Last year I was happy with a bunch of press mentions and my TNR Online gig. In the past year, the blog has directly or indirectly contributed to publications in the New York Times Book Review, Wall Street Journal, Foreign Affairs, and Slate -- not to mention multiple media whoring opportunities at ABC's World News Tonight, NBC Nightly News, CNN International, CNNfn, and a bunch o' radio shows. [That's it?--ed. Well, I got to share several bottles of wine with Laura McKenna and Wonkette as well.... and actually, there are few more items in the hopper that will be announced in the weeks to come. I'm sure there are tens of people who are very excited!!--ed.]

It's good to have the blog!

[So what's your goal for this next year?--ed. It's The Daily Show or bust for me!!]

There will be some slightly deeper meditations on this anniversary a bit later in the week.

posted by Dan on 09.13.04 at 06:56 PM


Which means it's also the two-year blogiversary of both Jacob Levy and David Adesnik

Interesting, then, that Levy announces he's quitting blogging (er, "taking a leave of absence" - whatever the hell that means) today. Ah well, ya gets what ya pays for.

OTOH, Adesnik seems to still be going strong. Hope you are too, Dan.

posted by: Al on 09.13.04 at 06:56 PM [permalink]

Congratulations, Dan!

posted by: Bob McGrew on 09.13.04 at 06:56 PM [permalink]

Congratulations to Daniel Drezner. However, he needs to realize that folks like Kevin Drum, Brad DeLong, and Matthew Yglesias are second raters. Roger L. Simon and Glenn Reynolds are far more deserving of his attention. Of course, Drezner may very well jeopardize his chances of gaining tenure if he upsets the liberal establishment. I guess he’s got to decide what he wants to do.

posted by: David Thomson on 09.13.04 at 06:56 PM [permalink]

I see a nationwide tour and full page ads in all the big newspapers: "Blog your way to fame and fortune, the Drezner Way (tm)"

Roll over real estate scam artists.

Seriously, though, nice work Dan.

posted by: Kelli on 09.13.04 at 06:56 PM [permalink]

Happy birthday, Drezblog.

Luv 2 visit & learn. It's become a stop for some pretty intelligent posters. Wish I wuz, 2

(ps - you're upsetting David)

posted by: wishIwuz2 on 09.13.04 at 06:56 PM [permalink]

Happy Birthday!!! er...

posted by: Jim Dandy on 09.13.04 at 06:56 PM [permalink]

Happy blogoversary! Wishing you many more.

posted by: ScottM on 09.13.04 at 06:56 PM [permalink]


posted by: Bithead on 09.13.04 at 06:56 PM [permalink]

Blow out the candles ...

posted by: David Weisman on 09.13.04 at 06:56 PM [permalink]

The Daily Show? Come on, Dan you're just trying to play the expectations game. You need to be shooting for Letterman, or replacing one of the Capitol Geezers on CNN every week.

Or how about a Dan Rather profile on 60 Minutes? Ha!

posted by: Zathras on 09.13.04 at 06:56 PM [permalink]

Thanks and keep it up. Comments with the highest information to noise ratio on the web is a valuable public good, as are the book reviews and recommended reading.

Oh yeah, more Hooters photos please!

posted by: Peter Nolan on 09.13.04 at 06:56 PM [permalink]

Happy birthday to my first read each morning! with all best wishes, and many happy returns, Patrick

posted by: Patrick Belton on 09.13.04 at 06:56 PM [permalink]

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